USB mass storage wont show up

I have looked at several sites for an answer and they only partially apply to me.. i plug in my usb storage device and it wont show up on 'my computer' it will show up in device manager and yet it wont show up in the computer management. i have used it before on this computer and another but now it wont and i already have it formatted and i have items on the device too. its properties say that it is all working and the drivers are fine.. it just wont show up anywhere other than the device manager and i cant access it.. can anyone help out on this please?

And the solution was

I had to check my Dirve Mapping in the start up. It was mapping to the same drive as my External Drive.

Step1 : Delete the G: Drive ( Disconnect) and then plug in the external and rename the Drive letter to the available on.

Step2: restart the machine and make sure the value is stored.

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